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Gwendoline- with AUTOGRAPH!!!! by Jaquina Gwendoline- with AUTOGRAPH!!!! by Jaquina
Please leave a comment!! xD :heart:

I redraw this picture:

Aaaaaand I've got an autograph from BELA B. on it!!!!! *so amazed* :love:
(if you cant see it: It is on the lower black part of her leather-costume)
Here's the story: (WARNING: My english isn't very good!!)

I've heard that die ärzte will make a talk in a club (called "groovestation")in Dresden, but (unfotunatly) I didn't got a ticket: It already was sold out....
Nevertheless I went to the club (I hoped to meet them somewhere in the city (I know unrealistic...) or to get somehow in the club. The first thing didn't happened, the second does!! :D
There was a journalist-woman who made an article about this talk of Dä. She said that acctuallly she want to bring a parner with her, but he dont has time (or something like this, at least he wassn't there) so I could go instead of her parner in the club!! :D : D Yeahhhhh!!!
Then we had to wait 2 hours, because the band wanted to go around in the city a little bit.
Then (it was around 4 o clock pm) they came!! (unfortunatly only Bela and FArin, Rod didnt came...:()
(The talkmaster said at the beginning that we couldn't got autographs, because the band have to be at the concert location at 7 o clock pm)
So they begann to talk... they telled a LOT of jokes ( also VERY mean ones, for example: "what is red and knocking at the glas?" " a baby in the microwave"... Or "what is white and lies in the corner?" "a baby in a plastic bag" And " what is green and lies in the corner?" "A baby in a plastic bag six months later"... And they're telled vegetable jokes:

- Two carrots are flying though the air, then the one says "Caution, a helicop ter-ter-ter-ter"

- "Two tomatos cross a big street. The first one says "come with me, tomato" "no, i better don't, ketchup" :D

And my favourite one (which only works in german, sorry!):
"Was mach ein Clown im Büro? " "Faxen!" :D :lol: :rofl:

And they also talked about REALLY disgusting hotels and a lot about drumms (" what has three legs and an asshole on his head? " A drums stool!" :D )

( I also know a good joke (but not from dä): " What has 4 legs and a arm?" " A dog at the childrens playground")

So, at the end some of the fans went nervertheless to them and asked for autographs. And they did it! I showed Bela my pic, he said "thank you! Should I sign it?" (of course in german "Dankeschön! Soll ich darauf unterschreiben?")
Then he did it!! :D :heart: :heart: :heart:
Unfortunatly he didn't said anything about the pic, but it was really stressful, because acctuallly we shoudn't take autographs, So he hadn't much time.

Hope i didn't bored you with my babbeling... :)
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Mortua Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
First of all: I'm jealous. But I would also be to shy to say anything to them.

I like her face, special her eyes and the setting with the candles. And as a fan, I like the idea ;-). And it looks better than the old version.

There a three points.
First: Perspective! Looks a bit strange and unclear to me. Maybe you should practise perspective in your own room. Try to imagine Gwendoline in your own room. I'm not sure about the lines of the table and the pillar. I know it looks strange to use a ruler, but I thik it would look a bit better with straight lines.
Second point: anatomy. There is a edge at her side and her right breast is unnormal formed.
Third point: Colours. Try to work with the light. Candles have this romantic light and are not really bright (haha!... ). So there have to be more shadows.

Okay. Just my ideas :-). But I think Bela liked it.
Jaquina Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
WOW! Thanks a loooot for this huge critic!!!!! :heart:
I will try my best to get better! thanks for your tips!!!
It-is-Madness Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG you lucky girl!!! :D
Jaquina Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
thaaaaaaaanks!! :heart: :D :D
Cel13 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Wooow!!!! ich freu mich gerade total für dich bin aber auch richtig neidisch :D!!!!
Waahnsinn!!!! Ein Autogramm von Bela.... Boooooaah ich will auch!!!!
Ich liebe den Humor der beiden (drei) :D
aaaaaahhhh das ist gemein!!!! ;)
Jaquina Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
hahaha :devil:
Leider hat er diesen Fledermausumriss (weisst du was ich meine?) um das Atogramm nicht dazugemalt, aber ich will mich ja nicht beklagen! :D HAst du die Description gelesen?
Cel13 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Ja habs gelesen.. oh man ich will auch mal in einem Raum mit den Schnuffis sein.. (Konzerthalle zählt nich :P) Hmmmm habe vor kurzen eine Bettie Page-Gwen gezeichnet, soweit ich schlussfolgern kann, mögen die drei Bettie... hmmm FALLS ich mal die Gelegenheit haben SOLLTE lass ich sie von den dreien signieren :D
Jaquina Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Ja, sie singen ja auch in "Mondo Bondage" "bitte sei mir meine Bettie oder Gwendoline" ;)
Viel Glück! Klappt sicher irgendwann mal. Ich meine ich hatte ja auch VERDAMMTES Glück. Ich meine wenn ich diese Journalistin nich getroffen hätte (und angesprochen!) Und wenn ich dieser Typ den sie eig. mitnehmen wollte doch gekommen wär... Wenn ich ganz rational gewesen, wäre ich da gar nicht erst hingegangen, ohne Eintrittskarte...
Also: Versuch einfach alles, auch wenn es noch so unmöglich erscheint! ;) (Aber werd keine Stalkerin! ;) ;) )
Cel13 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
jaaa, das wäre echt suuuper glück, aber hier in der Nähe gibts keine Radiosender o.ä...
IIICH??? STALKEN??? NEEEIIIIN!! *psychoblick*
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